Most of us tend to over pack when we go on holiday. Here are a few items you can safely leave at home next time you travel.

  1. Valuables

Unless you are the queen, it’s best to leave your two-carat diamond ring with matching necklace, emerald earrings and the antique broach you inherited from your godmother at home. Not only are items like these easy to lose or break, they’ll attract every thief in a 10 kilometre radius. If you simply can’t travel without your Rolex, make sure you wear it and when you don’t, lock it in the hotel safe.

  1. Hairdryers & toiletries

These days, hairdryers are standard bathroom equipment even in cheaper hotels so you can safely leave yours behind and save the space. If you are unsure, check your accommodation’s website or send them a mail to find out. Visiting family or friends? We’re sure they won’t mind lending you one. The same goes for shampoo, shower gel & soap. If you have to have these, then rather buy them at your destination.

  1. Too many outfits and shoes

Shoes can take up a lot of space, so make sure you take the minimum. Usually, one pair of decent walking shoes and one pair that’s a little dressier – perhaps a decent pair of sandals – will suffice. Wear one pair and pack the other, each in a separate plastic bag that will take up less space and will be easier to pack than two together.

Nick Huggins from “Nick’s Travel Bug” only ever takes enough clothes for seven days, no matter how long he’ll be away for. “It’s easier to find a laundromat once a week than to carry all that weight around your entire trip,” he says. Clever guy! So, pack crease-resistant casual clothes, one slightly dressier outfit and one jacket, wrap or jersey for cooler days. Do make sure all your colours mix & match!

  1. Books

Yeah, we all love a good holiday story or two, not to mention your favourite magazines. The beauty is, you can simply upload them onto your tablet and voilá! No schlepping around of heavy volumes anymore. Hallelujah! Tip: make sure your name and cell number have been stuck onto your tablet, phone and bags. It will make it so much easier for lost and found to contact you should one of your items end up with them.

  1. Big buys

A souvenir or two can already stretch your allowed weight in luggage, so ship any large items you buy. They will have a better chance of arriving at their destination in one piece and you won’t have to give them a second thought.

Happy travels.