The Ultimate Cheat Sheet on Cheetahs

The Ultimate Cheat Sheet on Cheetahs

We strongly recommend taking a tailored tour to The Ann van Dyk Cheetah Centre if you get the chance. This is just one of the specialist tours we provide at Rhino Shuttles and it’s a popular option with tourists that are visiting De Wildt for the first time.

The centre has been open in South Africa since 1971 and it’s named after a very special lady who devoted her life to the survival of the Cheetah species.  Enjoy a half day tour of the centre and you’ll find out some amazing facts about Cheetahs, we can organise a bespoke and personalised tour of the facility at a time to suit you, to whet your appetite though, here are some fascinating facts about Cheetahs

Did you know?

Cheetahs are no slouches

The nippy cheetah is the world’s fastest land mammal. They are full of explosive power and can sprint from standstill to 120kmh (60 – 70mph) in a mere 3 seconds, which is roughly the same as most supercars. This fact is even more amazing when you consider a cheetah covers 91ft in just one second, pray rarely has the chance to blink!

Cheetahs have brilliant eyesight

Before they can speed after their pray cheetahs need to spot it first. This isn’t a problem though, mainly due to their extremely keen eyesight. Wild cats such as Cheetahs scan the landscape looking for creatures, more often than not, this involves antelopes and hares.

Cheetahs have amazing stopping power

As well as being extremely quick, cheetahs can also grind to a halt in a matter of seconds too. Their ability to stop quickly is due to pointed pads conveniently located in the back of each leg, the nimble cat stomps these pads into the ground and comes to an abrupt halt.

Cheetahs have brilliant grip

Watch a cheetah in full flight and not only will you be impressed by the sheer speed of the creature, you’ll also be wowed at how quickly it can turn and change direction. This is mainly due to its foot pads, which give the cheetah plenty of grip, plus it also has short blunt claws which act in a similar way as running spikes, digging into the ground and giving the cat greater traction.

Cheetahs are wonderful creatures. Book an organised tour through Rhino Shuttles to the The Ann van Dyk centre and you can witness them in all their glory.