Our travel checklist

Our travel checklist

So the tickets are booked and your holiday is days away – all you have to do now is pack. But it’s so easy to forget even the most essential items, especially if you’re packing in a rush. So to help ensure you don’t miss off anything important we’ve put together a list of some of the items you aren’t going to want to forget.


The last thing you want to forget is all the necessary the documentation. Without it you might not even be able to board the plane. You’re going to need your boarding pass, passport, hotel room confirmation etc. Most of it can be held on your smartphone nowadays, but we still recommend printing it off too. Better to have a hard copy and a digital copy should any problems occur.

Get hold of a folder to keep all the documents you need in so that you don’t forget anything.


These items are easily replaceable, but we always recommend taking them with you. Toohpaste, deodorant, towels, shower gel etc – taking it with you means you don’t have to spend a fortune buying it all when you arrive.

Reading material

When planning a holiday many presume that they’re going to be busy every minute of every day. This is rarely the case, so plan for downtime. Take a couple of books, or better – a kindle. On it you can store hundreds of great books to read for those times you just want to relax by the pool. Pick up some travel guides too.


No one wants to spend their holiday ill in bed, so take some medication with you. Paracetamol are obviously a must for those mornings you’re feeling a little worse for wear. Pack sun cream too! There are far too many holiday makers who don’t bother protecting their skin when they’re in a hot location.


Everyone loves to take pictures on holiday, so don’t forget your camera! If you’re taking the kids with you pack a handheld games console – it’ll keep them quiet for those days you want to relax by the pool. Oh, and don’t forget your MP3 player. You’re going to want to listen to something while sunbathing, right?