Top travel apps for 2015

Top travel apps for 2015

To make your journey abroad a little easier this year we suggest you take your smartphone with you and use one of the many handy apps that make travelling abroad a pleasure. With plenty of apps to choose from it can be a little confusing; don’t worry though. We think these top suggestions will make your journey more comfortable


A free app that helps you make choices when selecting a holiday destination. There are literally thousands of locations to choose from and the clever app even gives you holiday itinerary suggestions. This is a brilliant source of information. If you are struggling to come up with unique holiday destinations, this could be the app to download.


Hate booking flights? Download the Skyscanner app to ease this pain. Once downloaded you can search for cheap flights in next to no time and have access to cheap flights straight way.  Just enter the departure airport, the date you want to fly, where you plan on landing and Skyscanner will find you the best deals.


This is a brilliant app if you want to track all of your travel plans in one easy-to-reach place. TripiT has a website and there’s a mobile version to help you monitor travel data on the go. You can forward confirmation emails including flights, hotel, car rental etc and the app will automatically create an itinerary so all of your plans are in one place. As long as you have your phone with you you’ll have your finger on the pulse and be able to access key details around the clock.

Google Maps

The perfect buddy to take with you on holiday! You’re in a new location, you don’t know where anything is so let Google Maps find things for you.  Use this map app to look for local restaurants close to your hotel. You could search for convenience stores near to your self-catering complex, or simply discover the local area near to where you are staying. Try this app to find your way around. You won’t get lost when you have Google Maps handy.