Thinking of travelling? Have a look at our travel checklist

Thinking of travelling? Have a look at our travel checklist

There’s always a time when things get forgotten or left behind in the holiday packing process. We’ve compiled a list of essential things you need to check and organise in advance of your holiday, before you even start tackling the suitcase. At Rhino Shuttles, we understand the importance of having a smooth-running holiday, so avoid any last minute pressures by sorting out the following.


Valid Passport

Turning up to airport to find that your passport is out-of-date is an unfortunate common error. If you are planning to book a holiday, check your passport then to see when the expiration date is. That way you can work ahead with the relevant paperwork and renewal times.


Airport Tickets and Car Hire

Arranging your transport and making sure you have the relevant tickets or booking receipts is essential before you leave. Have a look at our shuttle services to get you to and from the airport in South Africa; arranging a transfer eases the hassle and stress of taxis or car hire.

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Foreign Currency

Check the currency of the country you are travelling to and do some research to give you a rough idea how much to take. Certain countries may be more expensive than your own so allow for this when you get your currency converted. Consider what you are planning on doing on your travels and so what you will need money for.


Vaccinations and Medication

You may be required to have certain vaccinations before visiting a country so check online or with your local GP after booking the holiday. Also, if you have any prescription medications you need to take with you make sure you have enough to last the length of your visit, arranging a repeat prescription if necessary.


Mobile Phone Tariff

Something that can easily get forgotten during the holiday preparation, knowing the costs of your mobile phone provider abroad are a must. To avoid any significant extra costs, your provider may be able to set up a package for you if you plan to use your mobile frequently. Don’t forget to turn the roaming feature on so you can access calls and messages. Also, making sure the internet is switched off will prevent any nasty phone bills when you get back!



Arranged Itinerary

Make the most out of your trip by planning what you want to do and see whilst you’re there. We can offer transport services to get you to a number of tourist attractions as well as any other social activities you may like to do. South Africa is home to many beautiful parks and is rich in culture, so it would be a true shame to miss out on visiting the world-renowned Kruger Park. It might be an idea to purchase a guidebook and even a pocket phrasebook or dictionary prior to your travels.


Travel Insurance

It is recommended that you get travel insurance if you are going abroad and a lot of package deal holidays, travel agencies and websites offer this within their bookings. Compare costs first though as you may be able to get a cheaper deal elsewhere! After all, no one wants to be sat in hospital unable to seek proper medical attention.


If you need transport during your stay in South Africa, get in touch with us here at Rhino Shuttles. We will be happy to arrange your airport transfers, tour transportation or any other taxi service you may need.