How To Survive A Long-Haul Flight

How To Survive A Long-Haul Flight

The prospect of visiting an exotic country and experiencing a vibrant new culture is exciting until you realise how long you will be sat on an aeroplane for. Here at Rhino Shuttles we want you to have a pleasant journey and can collect you from the airport when you land in South Africa. It is normal to feel slightly daunted at the thought of a long-haul flight but there are ways you can pass the time more comfortably.


Think about upgrading

If you’ve already booked a flight to some faraway country it is likely that it wasn’t cheap. Do some research into upgrade possibilities prior to your journey, or if you’re acting last minute, ask a flight attendant when you board. It may work out as not much more expensive to upgrade and the chances are it will have a big impact on making your journey more comfortable.


Have plenty of distractions

Many people would suggest starting a new book on a long journey but it is good to keep your options open. If you are stuck with just one book that you realise you don’t like, trying to pass the time will be hard. Have a supply of books, music and magazines to keep you going. There’s always the in-flight movie too!


Get comfortable and try sleeping

Taking a pillow, cushion or neck-rest with you will not only allow you to settle in your chair easier but can help you sleep during the journey too. Plan what clothes you will wear for the flight as well; avoid tight-fitting things or anything too short. Layers are advisable to combat the air conditioning systems, and many people like to take an extra pair of socks. Long journeys are known for inducing tiredness. Avoid alcohol or caffeinated drinks which will make you too alert.


Consider food and drink options

Aeroplanes have a bad reputation for offering less than nutritious or tasty food. Think about taking your own snacks and plenty of water on-board, but be careful what you choose. Heavy meals are not recommended for long-haul flights as they will sit uncomfortably in your stomach, and without the possibility of proper movement, feelings of sickness are likely. Consider the smell of foods as well; lingering odours will not make the journey very pleasant for you and the other passengers.


Don’t stay sat down

Movement is an important part of the body’s functioning so staying sat down for a long period of time will prevent the blood flowing. Many long-haul flight operators will offer advice to passengers on how to exercise on-board. As well as simple leg and arm exercises, it is a good idea to have bathroom breaks or move down the aisle periodically to stretch the legs.


Once you arrive in South Africa we can get you to your hotel. Get in touch with us today to get a quote for our services at Rhino Shuttles. If you want to find out more about our company and visiting South Africa, check out the rest of our blog.