How to Solve the Biggest Problems with Airport Transfers

How to Solve the Biggest Problems with Airport Transfers

Book a reliable airport transfer service and you expect a quality solution from a reputable company. Airport transfers vary though, holiday taxis in particular can be unreliable depending on where you decide to book the express service from.  

To avoid any confusion, and to highlight some of the issues you might experience with airport transfers, we look at the likeliest problems you could face if you make the wrong selection with your choice of shuttle service.

Cabs arriving late

When you have a flight to make the last thing you want is to rock up late. Miss the check in time and you could be refused entry to the flight, resulting in you having to catch a later flight, and ruining the start of your holiday. Check the background of the taxi transfer company to avoid this mistake. Ensure they have a reputation for always turning up on time.

Taxi not arriving

What could be worse than a taxi turning up late? How about the cab not arriving at all? Believe it or not, this does happen, some companies fail to send a taxi to their customers, and swear blind afterwards they never received a call. Choose your transfer company wisely and look for a dedicated business that takes customers transportation seriously.

Not enough vehicles

One of the biggest causes of taxis not turning up or arriving late is the business not operating enough cars. Ideally the company should have a rich heritage in the airport transfer industry, and run a vast array of shuttles to the most popular destinations, such as Tambo International Airport in Johannesburg for example. Look for this when you pick your transfer service.

Rude drivers

Politeness costs nothing. You have our sympathy if you have ever experienced a journey in a taxi where the driver was rude or unhelpful.  Whether you are embarking on inbound or outbound flights from Johannesburg, the journey to or from the airport can be a pleasure or a terrible experience depending on the attitude of the driver.

Know how to avoid this?

Always look for taxi services that employ polite and professional drivers like our expert chauffeurs at Rhino Shuttles.