Save our rhinos: western black rhino declared extinct

Save our rhinos: western black rhino declared extinct

Rhino Shuttles’ customers all wish for one thing from their trip to Africa – To catch sight of Africa’s majestic rhinos in the wild.

If you also dream of getting up close and personal with rhinos in the wild then a recent report from the International Union for Conservation of Nature suggests that you should look to do so sooner rather than later.

The report gave the devastating news that the western black rhino, a subspecies of the black rhino has now officially been declared extinct.

The annual report which is called The Red List has shown that there are now more threatened species in the world than there ever has been before.  Animal species all over the world are being threatened to the brink of extinction because of destruction of their habitat and poaching.

But this isn’t the only bad news; there is yet another species of African rhino that is fighting against the odds for survival. A subspecies of the African white rhino called the northern white rhino was declared to be on the brink of extinction is the very same report.

Poachers are able to trade rhino horn in for a substantial sum of money, which unfortunately makes them extremely sought after and valuable to poachers.

Conservation measures must be taken in order to protect further species of rhino from becoming extinct. Residents and visitors to Africa alike get great pleasure from spotting these magnificent animals in their natural habitat.  If we want our children to be able to do so too then we need take action now to protect endangered animals like Africa’s great rhinos.