If You only Read One Article about Chauffeurs Read This One

If You only Read One Article about Chauffeurs Read This One

Chauffeur Services vary. Some are okay, some are amazing, here at Rhino Shuttles we work hard to provide the very best chauffeur service in Johannesburg, this is our specialty, it’s something we are very proud of, and we want all of our customers to arrive at their destination in comfort and style.

Whether you are going on a guided tour, need a luxury transfer service to the airport, visiting a resort or simply need a stylish transport solution, our choice of luxury sedans and executive mini-coaches will get you there with a touch of chic.

We insist on the best, and you should too, whenever you book a chauffeur service look for all these positive attributes, check the items off this list for the maximum amount of success.


Chauffeurs have to be reliable. There is absolutely no room for negotiation on this front. Make a booking and you expect a luxury car to arrive at the agreed time, get you to where you want to go, and pick you up on time afterwards, if this is the type of service you require. Therefore the driver has to be dependable, arriving on the dot to keep customers happy.


Most luxury transfer services offer a range of professional solutions to their customers. Clients expect the best from their chauffeur, being treated with dignity by a driver that’s an expert in the industry, somebody that’s proficient and extremely skilled in the way they approach and fulfil their duties.

Great Customer Service Skills

As well as being professional, chauffeurs need to have excellent customer service skills. They meet people from all walks of life, therefore, they should have a positive attitude to client care, wanting to deliver the best possible standards whether they are making an airport transfer, or taking a customer to a specific destination.

Proficient Driver

Chauffeurs are trained to the highest standards. They have to be, bearing in mind they work in such a demanding, high-profile position.  Not only should they have excellent customer service skills, their driving ability should be without question, instilling a sense of confidence into their passengers, on whatever type of journey they are undertaking.

Impeccably dressed

Book a chauffeur service and you already start to make a few assumptions. One is the vehicle should arrive on time. The other is the person sat behind the wheel should be groomed impeccably, taking the greatest pride in their personal appearance. Neat and tidy is the order of the day, if your driver turns up and they look dishevelled, what does his say about the company?

Tick all these boxes and you know you’ve found a brilliant chauffeur service, like our business here at Rhino Shuttles.