What to pack for a trip to South Africa

What to pack for a trip to South Africa

If you forget to pack your raincoat when you’re travelling abroad then you can guarantee that the skies will open before your plane has even touched down.  Spending your entire holiday in the rain without a raincoat, in the sun without any sun block, or hobbling around in uncomfortable shoes can really put a downer on the trip.  That’s why it’s important to make sure that you’ve packed sensibly for your destination.

Of course what you should pack for your holiday to South Africa will be greatly dependent on what time of the year you’re going and what you plan to do whilst you’re there.  It’s important not to leave your packing until the very last minute and instead to start thinking about your trip and making a list of things to pack well in advance of the date.  Here are a few South Africa essentials to get your list started.

Travel adaptor

There’s no point packing your hairdryer, electric shaver, phone charger and toothbrush if you’ve not remembered your travel adaptor!  Electricity in South Africa is usually 220/230 volts and 15 amps, the plugs usually have three round prongs.

Appropriate clothing

Summer in South Africa can get extremely hot, so if you’re visiting during the summer months makes sure that you pack light and breathable clothing.  If you’re going in the winter time then pack warm clothing but bear in mind that winter in South Africa can be fairly mild.  It doesn’t matter whether you’re going in the summer or the winter, the three essential clothing items that you should not forget are sunglasses, a wide-brimmed hat, and a light, waterproof raincoat.  The hot and balmy summer can also bring some terrific heavy downpours in South Africa, particularly in the Kruger Park region, so forget your raincoat at your own peril!

Practical shoes

Many people visit South Africa to experience the country’s beautiful beaches, stunning landscapes and magnificent wildlife.  If this is the kind of trip that you’re planning then make sure that you pack practical and comfortable shoes as there’s nothing worse than wobbling around in heeled shoes on bumpy or dusty terrain or having your feet scratched by plants in open-toed sandals.

Sun cream and insect repellent

Even during the winter months in South Africa the sun shines brightly and can burn your skin very quickly.  Make sure that you take sun cream and insect repellent no matter what time of year you’re visiting South Africa to avoid spending the entire trip with itchy bites and bright red, burnt, tender skin.


During a trip to South Africa you will make memories that you’ll want to last forever and experience things that will leave you feeling amazed and enchanted.  Make sure that you capture every magical moment in a lasting, physical memory by packing your camera and taking photos and videos throughout your holiday.