Last-minute Airport Travel Tips

Last-minute Airport Travel Tips

It’s exciting when you travel to the airport so you could be forgiven if your mind is in a bit of whir and you forget to take something with you or fail to make specific arrangements.  Airports are filled with holiday makers, there’s a real buzz of anticipation, and it’s easy to get carried away, overlooking vital elements as you prepare for your dream holiday.

We know how you feel at Rhino Shuttles so to try and keep your feet on the ground, until you are whisked off into the air, here are some tips to help with last-minute airport preparations.

Do this before you take a shuttle to the airport:

Check your documentation

Go through your hand luggage for any documentation you have to take to the airport with you. In particular, check for passports, visas, tickets and money. Whether you have electronic documents such as tickets bought online or physical items such as passports and travellers cheques, double check they are with you before you leave the house.

Check for medication

Do you need to take tablets or prescribed medication on a daily basis? If so, have you packed them away somewhere safe? Once you leave for the airport you’ll be on a set timescale, you won’t be able to turn back if you suddenly realise you have left your daily meds at home. Take a quick peek in your luggage. Look for tablets in their original packets for peace of mind.

Check for prohibited items

Make sure you know the prohibited items you shouldn’t be travelling with. Get caught with any of these in your hand luggage at the airport and you could be heading for trouble. Specific guidelines are laid out by airport officials, look them up online way before you travel and ensure you stick to the rules.

Check travel times

Work out way in advance how long it’ll roughly take you to get to the airport. Allow travel time on major roads and add a little spare time to cover delays. You should arrive at the airport a couple of hours before you are due to fly to give yourself plenty of time to check your luggage.  If you need to book an airport transfer service do this well in advance, and call Rhino Shuttles for a prompt and reliable service.