With the frenzy of pre-Christmas shopping and partying and the excitement of the holidays behind us, it’s time to feel the bubbling anticipation of a fresh new year ahead. May it be prosperous, happy and peaceful, and leave you feeling blessed beyond words.

Driving back after a visit to the Cape during our Christmas break, I couldn’t help feeling privileged to be alive and well and living in such an incredible country. From the majestic mountains of the Cape, through the harsh textures of the Karoo and the wide open spaces of the Free State where your soul has space to expand, I realized again how beautiful South Africa is despite the scorching drought.

And I suddenly felt like celebrating everything that makes us great. Like the research being done by an award-winning South African scientist to cultivate maize with the same qualities as the so-called “resurrection plants” that have the ability to stagnate during droughts and recover when it rains. Ninety percent of these amazing plants are endemic to South Africa.

And what about the mama in Soweto who single-handedly supports about 20 orphans? Or the group in a poverty-stricken area who is conquering hunger and malnutrition by assisting their community to grow their own veggies?

The list goes on and on. So, let’s celebrate the resilience and ingenuity of our people. In fact, let’s add our bit to create a wave of positivity that can lift us up above drought, political shambles and the general doom and gloom. Let’s take hands to create the bright future we all deserve.

Cheetah in boom