Get A Thrill From These Top 5 Theme Parks In South Africa

Get A Thrill From These Top 5 Theme Parks In South Africa

South Africa is home to some of the best theme parks in the whole world and it is no surprise as they go beyond what many others offer. Not only do they provide a fantastic and fun day out, they also incorporate educational and historical elements. Here at Rhino Shuttles we’ve come up with the five best theme parks that you just have to visit.


themeparks1Sun City theme park

The luxury resort, Sun City, is the place to go for all amusement fans. As a highly popular tourist attraction, there are many different rides for all the family which is why it has such a great reputation. For those with a love of water, the Valley of the Waves water park is definitely worth checking out too. There are many more amusement events within the park though, which is basically like a mini-city!

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Gold Reef Citythemeparks2

One for the thrill seekers, Gold Reef City is home to some of the most exhilarating rides in the southern hemisphere. Built upon an old gold mine, the park is themed around the gold rush which began in Witwatersrand in 1886. Some of the top rollercoaster picks include Tower of Terror, Anaconda, and the Golden Loop. If you want to take a break away from all of the major rides there is a museum dedicated to gold mining within the Johannesburg theme park too.


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Ratanga Junction

Head to Cape Town to enjoy the subtropical setting of Ratanga Junction. With its winding waterways and luscious plants, there’s no better theme park to boast the natural climate of South Africa. Join the queues for the likes of The Cobra, The Devil’s Run and Crocodile Gorge. Ranking as one of the top theme parks in the world by tourists, there is also the chance to go to regular snake and exotic bird exhibitions.


Plett Puzzle Park

Based in Plettenburg Bay, Plett Puzzle Park gives visitors something slightly different, testing both the body and the mind. Attractions include a 3D life-size maze, a jungle gym and a rope maze. For those looking for a bit of a challenge this is the best place to go. You can even navigate your way through the Forest Puzzle Walk with the family by completing word, shape, and general knowledge puzzles.


uShaka Marine World

Enjoy the sunny city of Durban by taking a trip to uShaka Marine World. Dive right in by visiting the underground aquarium and award-winning dolphin shows in the stadium, or make a splash in the water park. Surrounded by palm trees and a recreation of a wreck of an old 1920 cargo ship, you are guaranteed fun in South Africa’s beautiful sunshine.


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