How to fit more into your suitcase

How to fit more into your suitcase

Whether you’re going away on a business trip or a family holiday, if the prospect of packing your suitcase fills you with dread then you’re probably doing it all wrong.

It may sound a little pedantic to say that there is a right and a wrong way of packing your suitcase, but what about if we told you that you’ll be able to fit tons more into your case by doing it the right way, does it sound a little more interesting now?

It’s completely natural to put off doing boring or tiresome tasks like packing, but when you leave everything until the very last minute you’re not doing yourself any favours!  We’ve got a few tips to help you to pack more into your suitcase without the need to sit on your case to zip it up and without your suitcase bursting open at the airport.

What should I take?

Our first piece of advice may sound pretty obvious but so many people still get it wrong.  Only pack things that you’re actually going to need.  In other words leave behind all of those “what if” items!  Plan your outfit for each day and wherever possible take clothes that are interchangeable.  Choose clothes in colours that you can mix and match so that you don’t have to take a new pair of trousers for every top that you pack.  Be sensible and make sure that you are packing plenty of practical clothing.

How should I pack it?

There is an art to packing a suitcase efficiently so that everything fits in perfectly without any bulges and we’re going to share it with you in five easy steps.

  1. Lay all your clothes out on the floor and then roll them up tightly rather than folding them, this saves so much space in your case!  If you are packing clothes that are made from stiffer fabrics that are difficult to roll like jeans then fold them neatly and place them at the very bottom of the case.
  2. If you plan on packing spare pairs of shoes then these should go into your case next.  We want to make the most of every little bit of space in the suitcase so don’t let the space inside your shoes go to waste! Tightly pack the insides of your shoes with socks, or anything else small enough to fit in before placing the shoes in a carrier bag to protect your clothes and putting them at the bottom of your case.  If you’re taking any other bulky items like a hairdryer, toiletries, or a makeup bag then pack these alongside your shoes.  Make sure any bottles or tubes of liquid are packed inside a carrier bag to prevent them from exploding all over the contents of your suitcase during transit.
  3. Now you need to pack all of your tightly rolled clothes around these bulky items, this will help to protect them from getting bumped or damaged during the journey. Small items of clothing like tights, underwear and socks should be packed last as they can be squeezed into small gaps around the edges.
  4. Make sure that you pack any essential items or important documents right at the top of your suitcase or in a separate zip compartment so that you can access them quickly and with ease.
  5. If you’re taking valuables with you like a camera, phone, or expensive jewellery then be sure to keep them close to you at all times by packing them into your hand luggage.

Follow our simple suitcase packing tips and you’ll find that everything fits into your case easily, allowing you to sit back, relax, and look forward to your trip.