Booking a transfer vs. Not booking a transfer

Booking a transfer vs. Not booking a transfer

Finding suitable transport to get you to where you want to be in South Africa doesn’t need to be hard. Here at Rhino Shuttles we can offer a number of different transfer and transport services. If you’re unsure whether to opt for a transfer or not, have a look at our list of pros and cons for booking a transfer against not booking a transfer.


Booking a transfer

1.       Reliable and stress-free

When you get to the airport the last thing you want is to be searching for a taxi. You can avoid the queues and are guaranteed a vehicle no matter what the day or time. Our transfers can be pre-booked before your flight so you are safe in the knowledge that someone will be waiting to pick you up when you arrive, even if you are delayed.

 2.       Cost effective

Taxi costs as well as renting your own vehicle for the duration of your stay can add up. When you arrange a transfer with us we can give you a rough quote of costs straight away so you aren’t fumbling with change in the backseat. This is particularly helpful if you are new to our country and currency.


3.       Lack of paperwork

Worrying and spending hours filling in paperwork is not necessary if you pre-book a transfer. Our easy contact form will give you a quick quote and we can get back to you to arrange your booking completely. No headaches caused!

 4.       Offer a variety of services

Unlike other shuttle services, not only does Rhino Shuttles offer transportation from the Johannesburg Airports, we also have a range of chauffeur services. Whether you are visiting the country or already a South African resident our tailor-made services can fit you. Social outings, transfers to the beautiful Kruger Park, and other similar tours are just a few of the other services we have to offer.


 5.       Private chauffer

If you would like a taste of the luxurious lifestyle, look no further! Our immaculate door-to-door service in the Johannesburg area will get you to your destination in style. It is our dedicated drivers and comfortable vehicles which sets us apart from the rest of the industry. Avoid the unpleasantness of cramped public transport or a dirty taxi service, and get in touch today to find out what we can offer.

 6.       Avoid pressure of driving

Getting lost in an unknown country or area can be incredibly stressful wherever you go, particularly if you can’t speak the language. And with each country’s own driving rules, arranging a transfer will ease these pressures, getting you safely and quickly from A to B.


Not booking a transfer

With all the benefits of booking a transfer, it seems impractical not to! The only reason you might choose to hire a vehicle for the duration of your stay is if you are planning on being here in South Africa for a longer period of time.

Our reputable service and friendly staff means that many of our customers use our services again and again though. Don’t be shy to come back to us if you have a few trips planned or places to be whilst you’re here! Contact us today.