The biggest causes of flight delays

The biggest causes of flight delays

Book an airport transfer through Rhino Shuttles and one thing we guarantee is we’ll do all we can to get you to the airport on time. Our drivers are experienced and professional, safe and courteous, and they also know how important it is for you to make that flight without any type of delay.

Once we safely transfer our customers to the airport things are out of our hands. We’ll get you to the airport on time but whether your flight is on time is a different matter, that’s something we have no power to control.

Delayed flights are a nuisance, to make you aware of some of the reasons a flight doesn’t land on time we list the main causes here.

Common causes of flight delays

Heavy Traffic

Head to the airport and you might experience a little traffic congestion en route to departures. This is common, road traffic can delay you arriving at the airport and once you arrive, air traffic could delay your departure time. Flights have been known to be affected by adverse traffic conditions and there could be a number of factors involved that create a busier than usual schedule.

Poor Weather

If the weather conditions are poor this might cause a flight delay, or in the worst case scenario, total cancellation of the flight. Sometimes, the delay might be caused by ground crews having to prepare a plane to fly in bad weather, the wings might need de-icing for example, causing a temporary hold up for passengers waiting to board the plane.  Poor weather accounts for numerous flight delays.

Mechanical niggles

Aeroplanes suffer from mechanical problems from time to time, they are grounded until repairs are made and they are safe to fly once more. It’s frustrating to wait around until repairs are completed but that’s got to be better than flying in a plane that has developed a fault.


In aviation speak a ‘go-around’ is the term used when pilots abort a landing, they power up at the last minute, rise back up into the sky and fly away from the airport before returning to attempt to land again. Pilots carry out this action if they feel it’s unsafe to land the plane which is often caused by either technical issues or some ground-related problem, such as another aircraft still labouring on the landing runway. If this is the inbound flight you were hoping to catch, there could be a temporary delay on the expected departure time.

Flights might be delayed from time to time but one thing we always strive to achieve at Rhino Shuttles is a prompt transfer service to or from your choice of airport, so give us a call at anytime.