Basic Airport Safety Tips

Basic Airport Safety Tips

Airport travel should be an exciting process, especially if you are jetting away on holiday and this is the first vacation you’ve had in ages. Unfortunately, this experience can be tainted if you become the victim of an airport scam, which happens to thousands of tourists each year.

Sadly, the unsuspecting traveller is often the person who becomes the victim of airport crime, therefore, we thought we’d explore a few sensible safety precautions at Rhino Shuttles, do this if you intend to fly at any point soon.

Keep bags with you at all times

Never leave your luggage unattended at any point. If somebody has access to your bags they could try to conceal dangerous or prohibited items within them, and this could create a security hazard. Keep your travel bags close by, this way you know there’s nothing inside that shouldn’t be there and your personal property is protected at all time.

Report suspicious looking items

If you spot left luggage or see items left unattended for any particular reason don’t attempt to pick them up, report this to airport officials instead. The chances are they have simply been lost or forgotten about, it’s always best to edge on the side of caution though, by reporting this to a person in a position of authority.

Don’t leave valuables on display

Put wallets, purses, passports and mobile phones in a safe place, don’t leave them hanging out of your pocket or in plain view, within easy reach of criminals. Pickpockets thrive in bustling airport environments. They’ll happily pinch your possessions, slip into the crowd, and won’t be seen again.

Be careful at ATMs

If you need money when you get to the airport look for signs of suspicious activity around cash dispensers. People standing too close behind you, strange characters loitering near the machine and funny looking attachments on the ATM itself could indicate all is not well, be extra vigilant and walk away if you have any doubts.

Check for taxi scams

When you flag a cab upon departure from the airport, be mindful of some of the scams that bogus drivers use. Some unscrupulous drivers target tourists who are unfamiliar with the area, possibly taking them on prolonged journeys to bump up the cost, not using meters to fix the price, or simply dropping passengers at the wrong destination then making up a price.

One way to avoid this is to book a reputable airport transfer service such as Rhino Shuttles, we’ll take you to your hotel or choice of accommodation in safety and comfort, and we guarantee our prices are hard to beat!