6 Tips To Help Ease Your Fear Of Flying

6 Tips To Help Ease Your Fear Of Flying

Where would we be today without aeroplanes? A fear of flying is one of the most common phobias though and can really put someone off travelling. To keep your options open and reach your ideal destination there are a few tips that can help ease your worries. Here at Rhino Shuttles we want you to see what South Africa has to offer, so board that flight today!


Be prepared before you fly

Learning the basics of how aeroplanes work can actually settle a fear of flying. Do some research on how aeroplanes stay in the air, what causes turbulence, and even why there are so many strange sounds during takeoff and landing, prior to your flight.


Request an aisle seat

Part of many people’s fear of flying is an issue with heights. Opting for the aisle seat can distance you from any daunting window views. When you’re booking a flight, there is often an option for you to request a window or aisle seat so make sure you prioritise this.


Have a break from the media

Be careful of exposing yourself to news headlines close to your journey. Coverage and images of plane crashes this will hardly set you at ease. In reality, the large majority of aeroplane journeys make it to their destination safely. With stricter rules than ever at passport control, don’t let the media scare you away.


Read up on the safety information

Take note of the flight attendants’ guidance and check the safety information on-board so that you know what to do in the unlikely event that an issue occurs. Once you are familiar with the emergency exits and procedures, as well as the layout of the aeroplane itself, you can feel safer.



Take sufficient distractions

Books, music, magazines and mind puzzles are all great ways of passing the time and distracting yourself from any worries. Even if you are taking a short flight, having something to keep you from sitting still and inactive is essential. Don’t necessarily rely on conversation or the in-flight movie either!


Keep a photograph of your destination

Having you travel information to hand is necessary to get you to your destination, but why not take along some photos too. Seeing an image of where you are going will act as a reminder of your exciting adventures to come and will show you that it will be worth the flight after all.


With so many travel opportunities it is a real shame to let fears get in the way. If you are thinking about visiting South Africa, at Rhino Shuttles we can offer transport between the airport and to certain daytrips. Find out more about our services, and don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions.