6 Reasons to be addicted to Pilanesberg National Park

6 Reasons to be addicted to Pilanesberg National Park

Visit Pilansberg National Park and you’ll be greeted by an abundance of natural wildlife and be given the opportunity to see South Africa’s big five up close and personal, or at least, as close as you are permitted to go, without putting your life, or the lives of others in danger!

One of the best ways to view the wildlife at the National Park is on a self drive or inside one of our luxury air-conditioned minibuses, special tours can be arranged through us here at Rhino, and Pilansberg is a mere two hour drive from Johannesburg.

There are so many reasons to visit this wonderful game reserve and these are six of the best excuses you might want to spend time at the park, close to Sun City Resort and Casino.

1.) It has over 7000 animals

One of the things that always impress visitors to Pilanesberg National Park is the amount of wildlife that roams naturally around the reserve. All of the big five are represented, you’ll see lions, leopards, white and black rhino – there are elephants and buffalo.

A mixture of rare and more familiar species can be spotted around the park, including hyena, cheetahs and giraffe, along with zebra, hippos and sables. Plus there are crocs, springboks and red eyed bulbuls, just in case that isn’t enough wildlife for you.

2.) You can self drive or take a tour

One of the pleasures of visiting the park is being able to drive yourself around nearly 200 kilometres of road. Why drive though, when a guided tour is more informative and means you can sit back and let somebody else do all the driving?

A number of professional guides roam around the park and you can easily book a one-day tour to the reserve though a member of our team here at Rhino Shuttles.

3.) There are a number of safe hides

Sitting in a car or a minibus looking at wildlife is one thing but to really enjoy the experience it’s more exciting to view animals from specially constructed hides. Luckily the park at Pilanesberg provides numerous hides so visitors can get out of the car and covertly observe animals in their natural habitat.

4.) Plus plenty of picnic spots

Munch away on a picnic and observe wildlife at the same time. The 580km2 reserve also provides numerous safe picnic areas where visitors can grab something to eat, have a drink, and watch wildlife without missing any of the action. Pack a feast and get ready to be entertained some of the world’s most amazing animals.

5.) It’s chock full of birdlife

Fans of wildlife will love the National Park in South Africa too. There are over 350 different species of birds at any given time, some migrate, others are permanent residents, remember to take a pair of binoculars along with you to really appreciate the different assortment of feathered attractions.

6.) The landscape is stunning

As well as seeing wonderful animals at Pilanesberg National Park you’ll also be amazed at the awe-inspiring landscape too.  It is one of the largest volcanic complexes, standing high on bushveld plains, and an area of outstanding geological phenomena, which you really have to witness to appreciate in all its natural glory.

Arranging a day tour to the park is easy. Just contact us here at Rhino Shuttles and we’ll drive you there in one of our comfortable, air conditioned vehicles.