5 Top tips for planning a stress-free flight

5 Top tips for planning a stress-free flight

Whether you’re travelling for business or for pleasure a trip to the airport is rarely very relaxing.  However it needn’t be a stressful experience if you plan and prepare for your trip well in advance.  Make sure that you get your holiday or business trip off to the right start by following our 5 top tips for planning a stress-free flight.

Make sure you have arranged travel insurance – If you make sure that you have arranged travel insurance before you set off on your travels it will cover you if anything does go wrong.  From lost bags to illness and delayed flights, if you do experience any mishaps along the way at least you’ll already have them covered.  Even if you don’t end up needing to claim on your insurance it’ll have been worth the money just to give you peace of mind whilst you’re away.  Travel insurance usually costs very little, however make sure that you’ve read your policy’s small print to make sure that you’re aware of exactly what it does and doesn’t cover.

Book airport transfers – Sometimes getting to the airport can be the most stressful part of the journey, especially if you’re not familiar with the route.  Instead of driving yourself and arriving crumpled and stressed before having to fork out for extortionate airport parking why not book stress-free airport transfers instead.  At Rhino Shuttles we offer airport transfers in Johannesburg and our chauffeurs will do everything that they can to ensure that you arrive at the airport feeling relaxed and comfortable and in plenty of time for your flight.

Pack for the journey – You’ll probably put considerable thought into what you’re going to need to pack for your holiday or business trip but don’t forget to pack for the journey too!  Make sure that you are comfortable throughout your journey by packing a pillow for the aeroplane, snacks, painkillers and entertainment like a book or iPod.  Make sure that you’re wearing loose and comfortable clothes for your journey too.

Keep important documents all together – Everyone’s worst nightmare is that they’ll arrive at the airport only to find that they’ve left behind their flight tickets or passport.  Make sure that you’ve got all of your important documents printed off and collated well in advance of the day that you’re flying.  Keep all of your important documents in a plastic wallet somewhere that’s easy to access so that you don’t have to rummage too much to find them at the airport.

Leave yourself plenty of time – There’s nothing more stressful than sitting in the car on the way to the airport counting down the minutes you have left to get there before you miss your flight.  Make sure that you are leaving yourself plenty of time to get to the airport so that the journey is as stress-free as possible and there’s no chance of missing your flight if you hit traffic.