LeeuwelpieBaboon fangs

So your trip has been booked, your anti-malaria meds taken and your eyes are shining with anticipation: you are ready to experience the wild side of Africa. And what an experience it is! Make the most of it by bearing the following in mind.

1. Don’t leave your vehicle. Remember the creatures you are going to encounter are completely wild. You don’t want to end up lion’s lunch, so selfies with animals are out!

2 . Beware of monkeys and baboons. They may be funny and human-like but have you seen the fangs on those baboons? They can do serious damage and are extremely dangerous. Monkeys can also be pretty vicious and are expert thieves. Watch out for your belongings and don’t leave fruit or snacks out in the open. Keep your vehicle’s windows closed or they might snatch it from the back seat.

3. Be sure to keep drinks in the vehicle. Hours of game watching in the African sun can dry you out like a piece of biltong. Dehydration isn’t fun and shouldn’t be part of your holiday.

4. Please don’t feed the animals. There’s a very good reason for this request. Animals can quickly become dependent on the food provided by tourists and forget how to fend for themselves. Also, human food doesn’t always agree with wild creatures.

5. Please don’t litter. I once saw a lion cub eating a plastic container and it broke my heart because I knew that little fellow wouldn’t see the sun rise over the African bush ever again.

Getting back to nature can be an unforgettable experience and we promise you, you’ll want to come back and do it all over again.