The Benefits of Choosing First Class

The Benefits of Choosing First Class

With a long-standing conception of expense, first class may be pricey but it doesn’t mean you should put it off the cards. Consider the benefits and weigh up the cost before you decide which aeroplane tickets to buy. At Rhino Shuttles we can transfer you from the airport to your destination with our professional and reliable drivers.


Extra legroom

Particularly necessary for those with long legs, you don’t have to feel cramped in the small aisles if you book first class. Stretch your legs and take up as much space as you like with the larger seats. Without the worry of tripping anyone over you can make the most of the extra space.


Peace and quiet

If you’re always unfortunate enough to be sat next to a screaming baby or child, that no longer needs to be an issue. First class offers peace and quiet giving you the chance to sit back and enjoy the flight. Whatever you fancy doing, many airlines will offer you your own private suite.


Comfort on long-haul flights

Long-haul flights can cause upset to your sleeping patterns and drain you of energy quickly but in first class airlines will provide blankets, duvets and/or mattresses for your own personal comfort.  Take the time out to catch up on your rest so that you can make the most of your travel plans once you arrive in your destination.


Indulgent dining

Aeroplane food has a reputation for being less than tasty so indulge in something rather more special. First class will treat you to some delicious meals and often offer complimentary wines or champagnes to toast your travels right from the beginning.


Attentive service

Your comfort is of absolute importance in first class. The hostesses are always on duty to help provide anything you may need or want with their fully attentive service. Feel like a valued passenger on board with this exclusive service that pays a keen attention to detail.


Whether you choose first class or not, don’t forget to arrange your airport transfer from one of South Africa’s airports. Rhino Shuttles offers transfers to and from Johannesburg airport, Lanseria airport and Tambo airport. Contact us today to book yours.